Baby Oberg

due in August

18 Weeks

Baby is definitely getting bigger, but still doesn’t want to let it’s movements be known. Please ignore mama’s crazy Duiven eyes.

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16 Weeks


Supposedly some women can start ┬áto feel their babies move this week. I keep thinking I feel something, but it’s usually just my stomach grumbling for more food.


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14 weeks

it's there i swear

After weeks of talking about doing belly photos we finally got around to snapping our first set. I swear it’s bigger than it looks in that photo. Just ask my pants.

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Baby’s first photo – 9 weeks


i'm the size of a grape

The ultrasound technician provided a handy label in case we weren’t sure what we were looking at. That there is our little peanut. Most importantly, baby has a healthy heart beat. Due date is August 17th.

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